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Welcome to the AP Food Pantry

Welcome to the Anchor Point Food Pantry

We provide services to the hungry and marginalized in AP (and its surrounding areas) with empathy, respect and honesty. To be effective, we believe we must exercise the attitude of kindness and cheerfulness, not that of duty.  Please let us know how we are doing by email:

We are open Fridays 4-6 pm.

If there is a line, please drive around the back of the building on the left side to find the end of the line. 

If no line, you may drive up to the front of the door.  Someone will come out to greet you and invite you in.  If no one is in the lobby, just come in.

We can only take care of one household at time. Sorry.  Once every year we must have you fill out a new form.  It starts in January. 

We have various programs throughout the year.  We would like your email to keep you informed, your phone number, too.  You may join our fb group for more information about us and our programs.






If you are homebound and need food delivered, please call and ask if we can do this for you - (907)299-8437                       

Pantry Line-up 2022

It all began in 2006 because of the compassion of one woman and the empathy of one man - Donna and Allen Dennis. "I asked Allen if he ever minded when I worked a full shift and then bought and delivered food to families I knew were lacking food at home. He was so emphatic when he answered no and said I reminded him of those people that would bring food to him and his younger sibling when his mom was out.  He said if it wasn't for all of those people, they would have gotten sick or died. I was astonished that any child would have to figure out how to make that gnawing pain of hunger go away and even more shocked to find out

it was lint that quieted his stomach."

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