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We love our

Consider investing in a mission close to home; supporting our community can make a significant difference.

Volunteers Packing Food

On our way to new horizons...


We left our home of the last 9 years and have begun a new adventure. We are temporarily located next to the ARI Store (the old dentist & SVT office) Things are looking up!  We will be a little awkward with the transition. (We are just not used to this!) We appreciate those that have helped -- the youth & the volunteers; K.P. Food Bank; Homer Foundation; Food Bank of AK; Alaska Community Foundation; AP’s VFW, Senior Center, P.O, Library; Bay Realty; AP Ventures; PJ’s; Homer Pantry; 100 Women Who Care; Coastal Realty; Hilcorp; CITC; Share the Spirit; Lion’s Club, Salvation Army; Rasmuson Foundation; Knights of Columbus; St. John's Women's Guild; Thurmond's F.W. Auto.

We appreciate you all!                       

God bless you all! 

     Please join us and help us succeed! 



Marble Surface

Old News...

God bless you, Great Land Worship Center, for having housed our pantry for nine years; for having paid our bills as well as enduring all the wear and tear!  We received plenty from you to be able to feed the hungry in our community.  You did more than your fair share.  We grew, so we needed a new home.  Every eagle must leave the nest one day.  Now it is our time to soar on our own - to continue our mission in the Grace of God, and with the help of good neighbors.  Thank you!

(Above we are set up at Dawson's lot from Aug-Oct. 2021)

Thank you, Dawson Slaughter, KP Food Bank, and 100 Women Who Care, Homer, for aiding us in the first year of our transition.  It enabled us to secure grants to help us get our legs under us. 

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